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Dr. Emily Franklin, DOM, CHN

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Functional Medicine practitioner, and I have been treating patients with natural medicine for 25+ years. My mission is to make holistic healthcare as accessible, do-able, and effective as possible, helping people feel better than they ever thought possible.

About Dr. Emily

I have been treating patients with natural medicine for 25+ years, guiding 1,000s of people on a journey to reverse and prevent chronic diseases, and totally transform their health – with food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes – so they can live the life of their dreams, with abundant energy, vitality and well-ness.

My overarching goal is to make healthcare more natural, more root-cause-treatment based (instead of symptom suppressing), and – most importantly – more deeply effective, without unnecessary and harmful drugs and surgeries.

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Newest Healthy Recipes

Slow Cooked Greek Lamb Roast

Slow Cooked Greek Lamb Roast

Super quick to throw together into the crock pot or Instant Pot, this super savory and delicious dish will fill your house with tantalizing aromas as it slow-cooks for several hours (all day, or overnight), while you do other things. Best made a day or two ahead to...

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Fireman’s Breakfast Casserole

Fireman’s Breakfast Casserole

This easy casserole is a satisfying, healthy, family-friendly recipe that can be prepped ahead of time - perfect for breakfast, or any meal!  Fireman's Breakfast Casserole 8x8 1 spray avocado oil spray1 Tbsp avocado oil1 lb ground pork1 onion (chopped)1 red or green...

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Chicken Marsala Soup

Chicken Marsala Soup

Love chicken marsala? This version has all the savory delight of the original, with the added bonus of being a comforting bowl of soup! And it goes together quickly, for an easy and tasty meal that's even better as leftovers! Serve with/over cauli mash for a heartier...

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Dr. Emily’s 10-Day Detox Course

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but are still struggling with chronic health issues? 

Things like: excess weight, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, difficulty dealing with stress, mood issues like depression and anxiety, hormone imbalances, hot flashes, low libido, allergies, digestive issues, immune system problems, chronic pain? 

Allow me to let you in on a little secret…

There’s a silent, invisible monster hiding behind most health issues! 

And until you deal with that monster, you will likely have difficulty making the kind of health progress that you crave…

And that secret is, toxins.

They are everywhere, all the time, affecting every one us. They are in our air, and our water, and our food. They are in our clothing, our cleansers, our cars. They are in the very bones of the houses we live in.

So, what do you do about them?


Your body needs your help to get all those modern manmade chemicals out, so that you can achieve the outstanding good health that you know you are capable of, and have tried so many times to achieve.

And maybe you’ve done detoxes and cleanses before.

Problem is, most cleanses and detox programs are missing key components that are essential for success… because they’re not based on the 4 fundamental phases of detoxing that are required to effectively rid your body of harmful toxins.

In fact, some of the foods and beverages they recommend actually BLOCK your body’s ability to remove toxins!

And when you’re not clearing toxins, it’s hard to make real progress.

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Are you ready for some science-based, time-tested, proven-effective information?

This course is lifechanging – check out our testimonials to see the kind of results people are getting!

“Dr. Emily’s 10-Day Detox is a real game-changer. I went into it feeling open-minded, but skeptical (I mean, what difference can 10 days really make, right?), and came out the other side feeling amazed.

My belly shrank by 3 inches, I have so much more energy, I’m sleeping better, and I’m a lot less grumpy (hubby says thanks!) And the recipes are easy and delicious – they’ve all become regulars on our menu since.

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to significantly improve how they feel pretty quickly and easily.”

Janet Russell

My Latest Podcasts

Optimize Your Omega 6:3 Ratio for Better Health

Chronic inflammation is one of the main problems behind most health issues — it causes pain, stiffness, swelling, and slows healing. It gets in the way of proper circulation, which leads to our cells, tissues and organs not getting all the nutrients that they need in...

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Get Smart About Your Bloodwork with Bloodsmart

In this final post in my series on bloodwork - on basic and advanced markers to test and what you can learn from your bloodwork - we're going to look at another of my favorite bloodwork analysis tools, Bloodsmart. Like the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA),...

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Understanding Your Bloodwork With FBCA

Understanding Your Bloodwork With FBCA

When you have bloodwork done and you get your results back, what do your results tell you about the true state of your health? Usually, not much, right? But your bloodwork - even a basic set of bloodwork markers - actually has a LOT to tell us about the state of your...

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Do YOU Need to Detox?

Do YOU Need to Detox?

There’s a question that I get a lot, especially right after I recommend my cleanse, Dr Emily’s 10 Day Detox, and it goes something like this: Why do we need to do “cleanses”, or "detoxes"? Don’t our bodies just detox on their own? It’s a natural process, right? What's...

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Intermittent Fasting: What, Why, How

Intermittent Fasting: What, Why, How

Intermittent fasting has become super popular lately, and with good reason! For some, it helps them lose weight. Others report feeling stronger and more energetic. And there are those who can think more clearly and effectively because of it. But as it is with other...

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