Looking for more information on the Keto diet/lifestyle? The internet is of course full of sources, many of which are of questionable quality and helpfulness. To save you time sifting through it all, I’ve put together a list of quality resources that I have personally vetted and found to be very helpful, including books, websites, podcasts, videos and movies:

What to Eat on a Keto Diet

How to get more healthy fat into your Keto diet

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Santa Fe Keto Meetup Group – if/when you’re in New Mexico, join us for one of our monthly social dinners, or attend our Beginner or Intermediate-Advanced Keto Learning Groups! (run by Dr. Emily of Sunflower Wellness Center)

Ketogenic Forums Рfantastic online Keto community where you can find answers to just about Keto question  you might have, as well as tons of recipes, and lots and lots of encouragement, help and support Рif you find it useful, you can support this free, all-volunteer-run resource by pledging through Patreon

2KetoDudes Podcast – funny, engaging, and super-informative, this podcast is dedicated to sharing high quality Keto info, including lots on the latest science

Primal Fat Burner, by Nora Gedgaudas – this is an outstanding book, a real game changer and an absolute must-read for anyone with a desire for more in-depth information and understanding of the science and human history of the fat-burning metabolic state, which is likely our most natural and optimally healthy state as a species

Keto Reset Diet, by Mark Sisson – a helpful overview and intro to the whys and hows of Keto, this is the latest book from the founder of the excellent health resources MarksDailyApple.com and Primal Blueprint

30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, great book on the whys and hows of Keto (though a bit heavy with the use of dairy and “natural” non-caloric sweeteners such as Erythritol), by long-time Keto expert and health coach Maria Emmerich

DietDoctor.com – a vast and ever-growing low-carb and Keto resource full of helpful and informative articles, videos, movies, recipes, and meal plans; full access is $9/month and is worth every penny

Ruled.me – lots of great, helpful keto info, guides, recipes and more

Cronometer.com – Keto-friendly food tracking site

Cereal Killers: Don’t Fear Fat! – In this 1-hour documentary, Professor Tim Noakes, MD, guides one man through a 28 day, whole foods, high fat, no-sugar and no-wheat diet – with amazing results

 The Power of Keto for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Рinspiring, in-depth video by long-time low-carb researcher Jeff Volek