Greens are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day across the South, as a symbol of plenty (ie. plenty of good food, plenty of good health, plenty of happiness) for the coming year. Sounds good! And as I mentioned last week, I love food traditions!

Collards and salted pork (ham hocks, traditionally) is an oldie-but-goodie that I remember fondly from my youth, having grown up in Maryland – the edge of the South. I’ve taken the classic and made a healthier version here (ie. no sugar), so you can enjoy it with abandon. I’ve also made it easier and faster (but just as deeelicious) by using bacon or pork belly instead of ham hocks.

Pair these tasty greens with your protein of choice (high quality ham, kielbasa or sausage, for instance), and my Keto Kornbread slathered with rich yellow pastured butter (the golden color of these is another traditional invitation for good fortune, plus they’re yummy and good for you), and you’ll have yourself a healthy, low carb version of a traditional southern new year’s meal that is delicious, nutritious and satisfying, to start your new year right!

If you’re doing CleanKeto, Whole30 or my 10-Day Detox, skip the Kornbread and this meal is right on plan for those, too.

Lucky New Year's Collard Greens

Servings: 4