Do you prefer to prevent, treat and reverse disease naturally, using food, lifestyle, botanicals, and high-quality supplements?

Do you wish to minimize or avoid the use of pharmaceuticals whenever possible, and want practical, knowledgeable medical guidance for doing that?

Are you seeking to identify the root causes of your ailments and treat those, in addition to addressing (rather than suppressing) your symptoms?

Do you want to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, now and for the decades ahead?

If you said yes to the above, then you’ve come to the right place!

Dr. Emily Franklin offers a caring, informative, and empowering healing environment for her patients, sharing her extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine and her 20+ years of hands-on clinical experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner, guiding people towards achieving and maintaining good health, naturally.

Sessions with Dr. Emily include a personalized combination of:

  • Holistic nutrition (with a focus on lower-carb, nutrient-dense, Paleo/Primal whole foods)
  • Intermittent fasting (where appropriate)
  • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine (aka botanicals)
  • Western lab testing, and analyses based on optimal-health ranges (vs. conventional medicine’s “simply surviving” ranges)
  • Personalized supplement recommendations, and
  • Customized guidance on additional crucial components of optimal health: sleep, stress-resilience, movement, creativity, connection, etc.


Services and Rates

New Patients

Initial Consultation (via phone or video)


The new-patient consultation includes a detailed review of your health history, your health concerns and goals, and your current medications, herbal medicines, supplements, diet, and lifestyle (sleep, stress, exercise, etc.).

After completing this comprehensive review, Dr. Emily will create a personalized plan for your treatment, including a customized combination of recommended lab tests, herbs, supplements, and diet and lifestyle modifications.

The new patient consultation is 75 minutes.

To become a new patient of Dr. Emily’s, please follow the instructions here.

Please note: all consults are done via phone or video.

Existing Patients.

Follow-up Consultations (via phone or video)

$50 per 15 minutes increment

During follow-up consultations, Dr. Emily will review your progress, and as needed, update your treatment plan, herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle modifications (such as your intermittent fasting schedule and timing, sleep hacks, etc.)

Book your follow-up consultation appointment online, here.

Please note: all consults are done via phone or video.

Acupuncture Treatments


Acupuncture treatments for existing patients may be scheduled online, here.

Lab Testing Analyses, Consults, and Reports

Dr. Emily uses Functional Medicine “optimal values” ranges (vs. conventional medicine’s standard ranges, which only reveal overt disease) to conduct in-depth analyses of blood work and urine testing, which provides a wealth of information about root causes of health problems and how to fix them.¬†Detailed written reports of these analyses, and consults to review analyses, are both available and may be booked separately or together.

Please contact us to get more information or to schedule lab analysis reports and consults.

Please note: all consults are done via phone.