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The Bloodsmart analysis report provides a wealth of information about your overall health from a basic set of bloodwork markers.

The report forecasts the likelihood that your system is struggling with a variety of important factors, including:

  • infections
  • inflammation
  • toxins
    • xenobiotics
    • heavy metals
  • metabolic health indicators
    • fatty liver
    • elevated insulin

And the Bloodsmart report includes:

  • Your Pheno Age
    • Phenotypic Age - aka Pheno Age, or "True Health Age" - is a measure of your "true" (biological vs chronological) age that indicates whether you are physiologically younger or older than your chronological age.
  • Your Overall Wellness Score
    • Your individual score on a scale of 1-100 (higher is better)
    • How you compare with others in your age bracket
  • Your Risk Assessment: Likelihood of imbalances and deficiencies regarding various health-influencing factors
    • Environmental Pollutants
    • Hormones
    • Immune System
    • Metabolic Health
    • Nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals)
    • Toxic Metals (Heavy Metals)
  • These health-influencing factors are presented in 3 formats:
    • Forecast Summary

    • Bar chart by category

    • List in risk level order

Armed with all of this valuable health-assessment information, you and your health care provider(s) can have a better idea what issues are the top priorities for treatment, and then focus treatment on those, and then use subsequent bloodsmart reports as a way to track your progress and the efficacy of those treatments.

For more details on this bloodwork analysis tool, check out Dr. Emily's article and podcast episode, Get Smart About Your Bloodwork With Bloodsmart.

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