Dr. Emily's Detox Cookbook

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Helping our bodies detoxify and cleanse more effectively is so important for each and every one of us, and my 10-Day Detox teaches you how to facilitate your natural detox processes, by focusing on the specific foods, beverages, and activities that enhance detoxification, and avoiding those that block it.

In my program Dr. Emily's 10-Day Detox, I share the science-based what, why and how of detoxing, including:

  • what toxins are
  • what the common sources of toxins are
  • what pathways toxins use to get into our bodies, and
  • what detoxing really is (the detoxification processes that happen inside your body naturally),
  • and the 4 fundamental phases of detox.
This cookbook can be used on its own to boost your natural detoxifying, and can also be used as a companion to enhance your experience of the 10-Day Detox and the results you get from it.

With over 125 easy and deliciously detoxifying recipes, this cookbook gives you a wide variety of delicious foods to choose from for your detox menu, so you easily and happily stay 100% on plan, and get the most out of your 10 day detox!

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