Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

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What if you had access to a tool that could help you prevent disease before it took hold of your health?

How helpful would it be if you could obtain advanced insight into developing problems, so you could plot a preventative course of action?

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) is that tool, and provides that advanced insight!

The FBCA report is an in-depth, 40+ page report that identifies underlying potential biochemical and nutritional imbalances that affect your health, and helps to interpret your blood test results so you can understand these imbalances.

Using the latest in blood analysis research, the FBCA analyzes your blood test biomarkers by combining a collection of rules, scoring, weighting, probability, uncertainty, and inference, giving you the most powerful interpretive “Functional Health Report” available anywhere. With a basic set of bloodwork plus a few additional markers, the FBCA gives an in-depth analysis of your:

  • G.I. Function
  • Liver & Gallbladder Function
  • Red Blood Cell Function & Nutritional Anemias
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Adrenal & Kidney FunctionThyroid Function
  • Cardiovascular Function and Inflammation
  • Immune Function
  • Sex Hormone & Prostate Function

This includes probabilities of dysfunction in each of these areas, which provides insight into which ones need attention first, and which areas are just beginning to show difficulties and need to be watched.

When was the last time you learned all this from a doctor’s visit?

Once you receive your report, you’ll be able to immediately identify areas of health and nutrition that need to be worked on. You may avoid developing a chronic illness by taking steps to improve your health at the earliest sign of dysfunction. And with repeat use - semi-annually is most effective - you’ll also be able to identify trends over time and work steadily towards achieving and then maintaining optimal health.

For more details on this awesome bloodwork analysis tool, check out Dr. Emily's article Understanding Your Bloodwork With FBCA.

When you order this analysis, you not only get the detailed 50+ page report on your bloodwork, but you also get Dr. Emily's in-depth analysis of what it means for you, in the context of your ongoing health issues, and which aspects are the most important to focus on now, plus a customized, comprehensive treatment plan for addressing those issues.

AND, if you order this report as part of the FBCA Consult package which includes a 55-minute consultation along with your FBCA report, then you get both for $75 OFF the price of purchasing these two items separately. Book now or learn more by going here.

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