Low Carb Fruit & Veg Cheat Sheet

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Just getting started with low carb or Keto? Or, been at it a while but struggling with "carb slip", or need to get back on track after an off-plan carb adventure?

Dr. Emily's low carb fruit & veggie cheat sheet to the rescue!

Download and print out this colorful, attractive and informative spreadsheet and post it on your fridge for quick reference.

It's organized by food color, and alphabetized within each color group to make it easy to find what you're looking for. With over 100 fruits and veggies, this essential Keto/low-carb spreadsheet is your go-to guide for how big a serving of each fruit and vegetable adds up to 5 grams of carbs.

So whether you're aiming for <20 grams per day of total carbs (Keto), 30 grams (modified Keto), 50 grams (low carb), or even 100 grams (maintenance or athlete level), you'll know at a glance which veggies and fruits are the best to help you reach your goals, and how much of each you can have to stay on track!

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