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Mycotoxins (toxins from mold) are some of the most prevalent toxins in the environment. Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold, which can infest buildings, vehicles, and foodstuffs. Most mycotoxin exposures in North America, Europe, and Australia are through airborne exposure.

Fungi can grow on almost any surface, and building materials such as wallpaper, fiberglass insulation, ceiling tiles, particle board, drywall, and laminated wood products are all especially good surfaces for fungi to colonize. These fungi then release mycotoxins into the environment causing symptoms of many different chronic diseases.

Diseases and symptoms linked to mycotoxin exposure include heart disease, rheumatic disease, lung diseases (such as asthma, emphysema and COPD), chronic sinusitis, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and liver damage.

With the MycoTOX Test, we can identify most types of mycotoxin exposures and the extent to which they are affecting you.

For more detailed information about the MycoTOX test, see the attached Sample Report,a nd check out Dr Emily's detailed post about this test, here.

When you purchase the MOSAIC MycoTOX test through Dr Emily, you get - along with your results from Mosaic Lab - a detailed analysis and treatment plan from Dr Emily, which you can then move forward with on your own, or, if you'd like more information and guidance, you can schedule a consult with Dr Emily here to discuss your results and treatment plan in depth.

*Please note that you must be a patient of Dr Emily's already before ordering this test through our clinic.

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