About Dr. Emily

Hi! I am Dr. Emily Franklin, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Functional Medicine practitioner.

I have been treating patients with natural medicine for 25+ years, guiding 1,000s of people over the years on a journey to reverse and prevent chronic diseases, and totally transform their health – with food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes – so they can live the life of their dreams, with abundant energy, vitality and well-ness.

My mission is to make holistic healthcare as accessible, do-able, and effective as possible, and help loads of people feel way better than they ever thought possible.

Some other things to know about me…

I am a traditional doctor, and I am a radical doctor.

Traditional in that I use traditional medicine – foods, herbs, lifestyle – to help people heal and vastly improve their health.

Radical in that I seek to get to the root of what’s wrong. (Radical is Latin for root.)

And as a traditional and radical doctor, I am part of a worldwide movement of healthcare practitioners and influencers driving foundational change in how we think about and do healthcare.

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The Goal

My overarching goal is to make healthcare more natural, more root-cause-treatment based (instead of symptom suppressing), and – most importantly – more deeply effective, without unnecessary and harmful drugs and surgeries.

One of the keys to achieving this important and lofty goal is to bring a re-education, a re-learning – for all of us – of what is true and accurate about how and what we should eat, for optimal health.

    And here’s the thing. Just about everything we’ve been told for the past 50 years about how and what to eat was wrong.

    • Grains are health-promoting? Wrong.
    • Eat 5-6 times per day? Wrong.
    • Avoid saturated fat? Wrong.
    • Salt is bad for you? Wrong.
    • Consume lots of carbs? Wrong.
    • Vegetable oils are good for you? So wrong.

    If you’re understandably skeptical, look around you – look at where all that bad advice has gotten us – most people now are fat, tired, unwell, and stressed out, with shortened healthspans and compromised quality of life.

    What is normal now – vs. 50 years ago – is chronic disease, not good health, and nowhere near optimal, vibrant health. We – the human race – have deteriorated noticeably over the past 5 decades. We have lost a large amount of our collective vitality and resilience, and it’s getting worse every year. I see this every day in my clinic, and I see it every day out on the world.

    That is not the way it should be!

    True partner in health!

    The Sunflower Wellness Center is truly one-stop shopping for all your health care needs. Dr. Emily’s gentle care includes a holistic approach with lifestyle and nutritional analysis, and a careful consideration of all factors that could influence your condition. Having Dr. Emily as your health care practitioner is having a true partner in health. – M.R.

    So, What Do We Do?

    The tremendous healing power of healthy food needs to be acknowledged and fully embraced, so that we can reclaim our essential vitality and strength, and make our own lives better, and in so doing, make the world a better place, too.

    What I have seen, day in and day out in through my 25+ years as a holistic doctor, is that we each have within us the power to be so much healthier and more vital than we often imagine is possible – with more energy, sharper mental function, positive mood, inspiring creativity, strong immunity, better digestion, deeper sleep, more balanced hormones, and so much more.

    Doesn’t that sound great?

    How do you get there?

    First, by taking a big leap of faith into a new (old) way of thinking about what healthy food really is (and isn’t), and what a healthy lifestyle is (and isn’t). It means being willing to let go of a lot of old notions that have not been serving your optimal health, and embracing the challenge of making some really big, lifelong changes, in order to claim your full potential, now and for the rest of your life.

    And I’m here to help guide you on the path to taking that leap of faith, letting go of the old, and embracing the new!

    Here’s some possible next steps for you, when you’re ready:

    Next Steps

    If you are looking to vastly improve your health, these are the steps that I have found to be the most effective for making a significant and lasting improvement in health, for just about everyone.

    You can begin to take steps on this journey right now, by using the many resources I've provided here on my website:

    And if you'd like to dive into some one-on-one work with me, great! Let's talk! You can set up an "initial inquiry" phone call with me so we can chat about your health concerns and your goals, and see if we're a good fit. 😊

    Got Questions?

    "A caregiver who cares"

    Dr. Emily has been helping me get control of my high blood sugar through diet, herbs and acupuncture - giving me back a sense of control and healing rather than simply treating a condition with pharmaceuticals. I highly recommend her if you want to take charge of getting better rather than just taking pills. - J.R.

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    Are You Ready?

    What we will do together is walk down a new path, and I will guide you on this path, helping you find your way to a new, better you. I have walked this path beside so many people before you – I know the way well, and I can’t wait to share it with you! 😊

    Whatever you are struggling with, health-wise, a foundational shift in what you eat, coupled with lifestyle improvements and the judicious use of natural medicines, and the removal of as many harmful substances and influences as possible, can make an enormous difference, for now and for the years ahead.