50 Minute Consult

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For existing patients of Dr. Emily's.

50 minute phone or Zoom consult with Dr. Emily to:

  • discuss new health issues or significant recent changes to ongoing issues (in-depth)
  • review ongoing progress with existing treatment plan (in-depth)
  • co-create a new treatment plan with Dr. Emily, or have your existing treatment plan significantly revised
  • review your lab analysis reports (Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) and/or Bloodsmart)*

*If you are wanting to review labwork and lab analysis reports with Dr. Emily, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Order your labwork
    1. To order bloodwork through Dr. Emily's discounted self-pay lab service, Ulta Labs, go here.
    2. To order other types of lab tests, go here.
  2. Complete your labwork
    1. For bloodwork, be sure to be 12+ hours water-only fasted at the time of your blood draw for all types of blood tests except hormone tests.
    2. For all other types of tests, refer to test-specific instructions, to be provided after purchase.
  3. Email your lab results to Dr. Emily at info@swcnm.com.
  4. THEN order your lab analysis report(s) here.
  5. THEN schedule a consultation, at least 2 weeks AFTER the date that Dr. Emily received your labwork results

When you are ready to schedule your appointment, please visit our online scheduling calendar.



If you are not an existing patient of Dr. Emily's yet, do not schedule this service!

If you are considering becoming a new patient of Dr. Emily's, please schedule an Initial Inquiry Phone Call.

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