Caregiver who cares

Dr. Emily has been helping me get control of my high blood sugar through diet, herbs and acupuncture – giving me back a sense of control and healing rather than simply treating a condition with pharmaceuticals. I highly recommend her if you want to take charge of getting better rather than just taking pills. – J.R.

True partner in health

The Sunflower Wellness Center is truly one-stop shopping for all your health care needs. Dr. Emily’s gentle care includes a holistic approach with lifestyle and nutritional analysis, and a careful consideration of all factors that could influence your condition. Having Dr. Emily as your health care practitioner is having a true partner in health. – M.R.

Caring, compassionate & effective care

Dr. Emily is a caring and compassionate practitioner. Her treatment style is very interactive. She asks a lot of questions and really listens to my responses. As we have worked together, she has adjusted my treatment plan as needed to reflect the changes in me and my life, with great success. I highly recommend her. – D.C.

Excellent treatment for a wide variety of conditions

After having excellent treatment from a Chinese-born Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Colorado, I’ve been happy to find Dr. Emily Franklin’s treatments consistently surpassing my prior experience, for myself, my husband, and our adult children; for allergies, migraines, pre- & post-operative surgery care, chronic illness, dietary guidance, and for acute conditions such as colds, flu, muscle pain, and stress. – J.M.

Cured my allergies

I used to suffer terribly from allergies – every year from early spring through late fall – with lots of congestion, sneezing and coughing. Dr. Emily’s treatments have cured my allergies, and I am so grateful. What a huge improvement in my quality of life! – B.N.

Knowledge, skill and genuine care

I’ve seen Dr. Emily several times for many different ailments, and I’m always impressed by the knowledge, skill, and genuine care she brings to her work. – J.D.

Successful treatment of kidney stones

I want to convey my gratitude for Dr. Emily’s skills and the way she shares them. When I came to her, I’d had four kidney-stone attacks in six days, including one while on an airplane, and I was at my wits end.

At my initial session, in addition to my treatment, Dr. Emily gave me suggestions for things I could do at home (dietary and lifestyle changes) to make my treatments more effective. I have been off of my pain medications and pain free ever since my first treatment with Dr. Emily, and have not had another attack. I travel for work, and being able to get on an airplane without wondering whether another attack will happen mid-air is a great weight to have lifted off of me.

Thanks so much to Dr. Emily for her skillful and compassionate treatments! – F.S.

Cured my recurrent winter colds

I used to be prone to having colds all winter, every winter, and allergies most of every spring. Dr. Emily cured me of my recurring winter colds, and significantly reduced my spring hayfever. – M.D.

Successfully treat any health condition

I have had numerous treatments from Dr. Emily over the past several years, and she is always professional and attentive, and displays great knowledge and skill in Oriental medicine. What sets her apart from other doctors is her genuine sense of compassion and understanding, as well as her ability to focus on and successfully treat any health condition, naturally. I always walk away from my treatments with Dr. Emily feeling rejuvenated, focused, and relaxed.” – A.B.

Relaxing and rejuvenating

When I arrived for my most recent appointment with Dr. Emily Franklin, I felt tired, over-extended and burnt out. After my session, I felt relaxed, energized and in balance – ready to face any challenges! As always, Dr. Franklin was an excellent listener and provided spot-on advice about my diet and general health. Looking forward to the next session! – A.M.

Healed my broken leg

Acupuncture with Dr. Emily has had a dramatic impact on my health. I broke my leg several months ago, and was experiencing extremely slow healing in the bone. After several weekly acupuncture treatments, my bone showed significant re-calcification. I also got the added benefits of better digestion, reduced PMS symptoms, lowered stress, and overall well-being.

I don’t know how I went so long without acupuncture, because now I can’t imagine not getting it. In addition to the amazing benefits of the acupuncture, Dr. Emily imparts a feeling that I am well taken care of and listened to. She treats the whole person, not just the individual symptoms. Thanks for taking such good care of me! – J.S.

Skillful and compassionate care for a variety of ailments

I have been treated by Dr. Emily regularly for the past several years, and attribute my good health and energy to her excellent care. I have been treated for a variety of ailments, and have always found Dr. Emily to be a most empathetic listener, a highly skilled practitioner, and a boundless source of knowledge that goes beyond Chinese Medicine to the latest research in nutrition and lifestyle management. Dr. Emily’s treatments are the best spent hours of my time! – J.B.

Best treatment possible

The treatment and care I receive from Dr. Emily is always excellent. She is diligent in staying on top of treatments and approaches, she is highly skilled and experienced, and always listens and really hears what I am saying. I always feel both that I have been heard and that I have received the best and most appropriate treatment possible. – K.P.

Cured of cigarette addiction

Dr. Emily treated me for my lifelong battle with cigarette addiction. After my treatment series, not only was I not smoking, I was also not even craving cigarettes, and I have not wanted to smoke since. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to quit smoking. – R.C.

UPDATE: It’s been three years, and I am still amazed that I don’t want cigarettes anymore. When things were rough for me recently, I thought for sure that what I needed was a cigarette, and so after weeks of not giving in to that thought, I bummed one from a friend… and I HATED IT. I took one inhale and was like, ewwwww, but I couldn’t believe it so I gave it another try, thinking for sure this time it would give me the comfort it used to… but it didn’t! It was at that time I realized that I was truly a nonsmoker, thanks to Dr. Emily.

Thorough and Effective Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Dr. Emily is very good at putting people at ease. She takes the time to listen well, to get an accurate understanding of what is going on. She is very thorough, from diagnosis to treatment to follow up. Her treatments have been very effective and I always feel well taken care of. -R.W.

No more sciatic pain!

This may sound like an over statement to some, however, when I walked into Dr. Emily’s office I was only able to stand for five minutes before the pain from my herniated disk made me sit down. For the past 6 months, I have taken prescription medication daily, and had Physical Therapy sessions and Chiropractic sessions, all of which did little to alleviate my pain. A friend recommended Dr. Emily as someone who could help me, and indeed she did! After one visit, I was not only able to stand longer than five minutes – I was able to walk all around Santa Fe and Ghost Ranch and more, without any pain. A few days after my first treatment with Dr. Emily, I was even able to play a round of golf without pain for the first time in months. I am so grateful to Dr. Emily for her care and expertise. – R.J.

Greatly improved sleep

Dr. Emily Franklin was referred to me by a friend. She is a wise and gentle practitioner. After weeks of very little sleep due to a lot of life changes, I began sleeping better on the night of my very first treatment, and have continued to sleep well since. I’m very selective in choosing my health practitioners, and am thrilled to have found Dr. Emily. – R.M.

Listens and cares

Dr. Emily genuinely cares and listens. She gets to the root of the issue and helps with both chronic pain and whole person wellness… -A.O.