Last week, we talked about strategies for getting through the holidays with your health and waistline intact. And one of the most important tools for success is planning ahead!

So today I’m sharing a collection of links to healthy (ie. Paleo and lower carb) Thanksgiving recipes that I have carefully curated to help you stay happy, healthy and satisfied through the Thanksgiving holiday.

This list will give you plenty to be thankful for, without any feelings of deprivation or guilt, and without ill effects. From the main dish to the sides to the desserts and drinks, this list includes a bunch of recipes to choose from that you and everyone you’re spending Thanksgiving with will love.

Note on substitutions: To stay on plan with your healthy eating through the holidays (ie. lower carb, nutrient dense & anti-inflammatory), choose monk fruit or stevia sweeteners when possible, and use either coconut milk/cream, macadamia nut milk, hemp milk, or walnut milk in place of other types of milk or cream. (Almond and other nut milks are not optimal choices – see my post Optimize Your Omegas for more on why that is.)


Herb Rubbed Turkey by Dr Emily

Turkey With Bacon Gravy from Maria Emmerich

Rosemary-Roasted Turkey from Primal Palate

Smoked Turkey from Diet Doctor

Garlic Butter Roast Chicken from The Roasted Root (for smaller gatherings)


15-Minute Orange Cranberry Sauce from A Clean Bake

Caramelized Shallot & Bacon Gravy from Real Food With Dana

Brown Butter Gravy from Maria Emmerich


Mashed Cauliflower by Dr Emily

Pumpkin Soufflé by Dr Emily

Paleo Stuffing from Diet Doctor

Keto Kornbread by Dr Emily


Best Ever Pumpkin Pie by Dr Emily

Cinnamon Apple Tart with Paleo Pecan Crust from Elana’s Pantry

Keto Pecan Pie (with Paleo option) from The Roasted Root

Decadent Dark Chocolate Mousse by Dr Emily

chocolate mousse

Festive Beverages

Cranberry Lemon Spritzer from All The Nourishing Things

Keto Peppermint Mocha from

Paleo Hot Chocolate from I Heart Umami

Low Carb Eggnog from Gnom-Gnom

Whole30 Gingerbread Latte from The Clean Eating Couple

Keto Vanilla Steamer by Dr Emily

keto vanilla steamer

Now it’s time to share! Which recipes look good to you? Which ones are you planning to make for your Thanksgiving holiday?

I’d love to see what you make – share pics of your creations via Instagram and Facebook!

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope your holiday is full of joy, love, and gratitude. ❤