The year in review continues! Last week, I shared the top 5 most viewed posts of 2022. Today, we look back at the favorite recipes of the last year.

Every week, I publish an easy, healthy and yummy recipe to help make your journey towards optimal health more doable, delicious and delightful. 😊 Most of my recipes are Paleo-friendly and low carb or Keto, and many of them fit the parameters of CleanKeto and Whole30.

Let’s take a look at what were my most popular recipes of 2022, starting with #10 and working our way up to #1.

#10 – Egg Roll Bowl


egg roll bowl

Quick and easy and oh-so-tasty, egg roll bowl is bound to become a new favorite. This tastes just like a classic egg roll, but without any of the bad-for-you stuff.

#9 – Fireman’s Breakfast Casserole


fireman's breakfast casserole

This easy casserole is a satisfying, healthy, family-friendly recipe that can be prepped ahead of time – perfect for breakfast, or any meal! 

#8 – Mediterranean Baked Fish & Summer Veggies


mediterranean fish and veggies

A delicious, easy summer meal, this one-pan dish goes together quickly and is full of flavor.

#7 – Berries and Coconut Cream Crepes


berry crepes

This recipe makes for a delightful special occasion brunch that is low carb, and there’s a Paleo-friendly version, too!

#6 – Savory Asian Crepes


savory asian crepes

Another quick, easy, and tasty recipe for your repertoire! This makes a light meal as written; make more crepes if you’ve got a bigger appetite, or add more protein to the filling mix.

#5 – Chicken Marsala Soup


chicken marsala soup

Love chicken marsala? This version has all the savory delight of the original, with the added bonus of being a comforting bowl of soup! 

#4 – CleanKeto Ranch Dressing


ranch dressing

Delicious, easy and satisfying, this healthy, non-dairy, Paleo + low carb/Keto Ranch dressing makes salads even more wonderful!

#3 – Crispy Crab Cakes


crab cakes

These Paleo and Keto crab cakes are even yummier than the classic version, and healthier to boot!

#2 – Beet Kvass


Beet Kvass

If you’re looking for a healthy, easy way to add some variety and zing to your life, make some beet kvass! Not only is it tasty, but you’ll reap all the benefits of beets, fortifying your blood with extra iron, supporting detoxification, nourishing your gastrointestinal microbiome, improving immunity and energy, and boosting your levels of anti-aging nitric oxide.

#1 – Green Shakshuka


green shakshuka

Green shakshuka puts a Keto-friendly spin on the classic shakshuka recipe. It’s an easy, one-pan dish filled with low carb green veggies and poached eggs. Whether you have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a hearty, nutrient-packed meal. And you can switch up the veggies to work with what’s in season, any time of year!


What were your favorite recipes of 2022?


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And what types of recipes would you like to see more of in the coming year? Any favorite dishes you’d like to see a low carb Paleo, CleanKeto or detox-friendly version of?