Year in review: these were my top 5 most popular posts of the past year!

#5 – Understanding Your Bloodwork

When you have bloodwork done and you get your results back, what do your results tell you about the true state of your health? Not much, right?

But your bloodwork – even a basic set of bloodwork markers – actually has a LOT to tell us about the state of your health.

FBCA 5 pg sample report

This post gives you an in-depth overview of all the things you can learn about from your basic bloodwork with my most popular lab analysis report, the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA).

#4 – CleanKeto Success Guide

Are you ready for a reset? Doing a few days, weeks or even months of CleanKeto is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reset your body, rebalance your hormones, get rid of cravings, improve your mood, sleep, energy and brain function, and burn off excess body fat.

cleanketo success guide

The guide in this popular post walks you through the do’s and don’ts of doing my powerful CleanKeto program, step by step, including how to prepare so it’s as easy and effective as possible, what and when to eat and why, plus 3-day, 1-week and 2-week meal planning templates and over a dozen CleanKeto recipe links to help get you started.

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#3 – Essential Blood Tests to Get Regularly

Are you due for an annual physical soon?

The routine blood testing done with annual physical examinations offers a few – but far from all – of the health answers you need for truly improving your health, and reversing or preventing disease. These standard blood tests are geared towards finding overt and serious diseases, not optimizing and fine-tuning your health and well-being.

What I recommend is to get certain essential blood tests done regularly, and then have them analyzed thoroughly and carefully through the lens of optimizing health, to catch problems early on so you can begin to turn things around asap (or avoid them in the first place!)

blood test

This popular post explains each of the markers I recommend you get checked at least annually – and ideally more often – and also provides a downloadable, printable checklist of those markers, for quick easy reference.

#2 – Root Causes of Seasonal Allergies

Do you suffer from hayfever? In this popular post, I discuss the most common root causes of seasonal allergies, so you can understand better why you have hayfever, and you can start to truly fix it, once and for all! 

Little girl in a field sneezing into a tissue

And the winner of #1 top post for 2022 is…
drumroll, please…


#1 – Early Signs of Insulin Resistance

You’ve probably heard that Insulin Resistance is a very common and ever-growing health problem. Did you know that it is at the root of many, many other health issues? A vast array of seemingly unrelated health problems trace their roots back to insulin resistance, including overweight, obesity, prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, high cholesterol, PCOS, impaired cognitive function, depression, anxiety, and so much more.

Insulin Resistance leads to...

In this post – the #1, hands down favorite of my readers in 2022 – I share many of the early signs to watch out for to know when insulin resistance is becoming – or is already – an issue for you.

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